With the rise of the online gig economy, the National Co-operative Development Strategy has called for support for “platform co-operatives using new technology for shared ownership services.”

Co-operatives UK are teaming up with Stir To Action to launch — UnFound — an accelerator programme from May to June 2018.

Applications are now closed and we are reviewing applications.

Why this accelerator?

  • Digital companies are monopolising key economic sectors
  • Labour platforms are encouraging precarious employment practices
  • Co-operatives can expand their presence in the digital economy
  • There is a demand for user and worker-owned digital platforms
  • Co-operative models can be more competitive than investor-owned models
  • Crowdfunding can challenge investor capital

What’s a Platform Co-op?

A platform co-operative is a co-owned, democratically-governed business that uses an online platform or mobile app to enable people to meet their needs or solve a problem by networking people and assets.

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“Platform Cooperativism is about creating the tools and strategies to shift power on the internet from extractive monopolies to generative democracy.”

— Nathan Schneider, Platform cooperativism co-organiser

The programme

This intensive programme will support early stage platform co-ops with their business development, user acquisition, and funding strategies.

It will feature six masterclasses, a team of mentors, peer-to-peer support, pitch training, and a live crowdfunding event.



1. Apply

The first step is to apply to join our programme (click ‘Apply Now’).

2. Assessment

Your application will be assessed by a five-person panel.

3. Interview

We’ll then follow up with an in-person interview.

4. Offer

The final step is our offer, where you’re invited to join our programme.

Applications are now closed and we are reviewing applications


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